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Getting certified for any ISO standard requires you to be experienced and resourceful. Otherwise, a simple process might sound complex. This is why we’re here in Bennett. IQC the ISO Pros of Colorado is a reliable ISO consulting and training company.

We help firms and organizations in getting ISO certified by using unique strategies. If you’re interested, read in full.

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What are ISO standards?

You can think of ISO standards as the guidelines that’ll lead you to success. A typical ISO standard comprises guidelines, clauses, sections for you to understand and implement. When you implement the guidelines, you can apply for the certification for the standard you’ve chosen. Let’s understand some common ISO standards.

ISO 20000

This ISO standard is the first standard in the IT Services and Management industry to gain international approval. This ISO standard helps organizations is setting up an effective Servicer management system. The purpose of this certification to help firms deliver better services and improve efficiency.

With ISO 20000 is the action, you can develop resilience within your organization against random risks. Its because this standard also focuses on risk management. If you belong to the IT services industry, this ISO standard is one of the best standards to get certified for. For more info, contact IQC, the ISO Pros of Colorado.

ISO 9001

This ISO standard, as you may know, helps in improving the quality of products and services. ISO 9001 lays requirements for a Quality Management System that focuses on improving the processes. As processes are linked directly with products and services, the quality automatically improves.

There are other benefits apart from a better quality of services. With this certification, you can demonstrate your ability to produce nothing but the best products. This will help you build more trust among customers. Customers will consider your organization as more reliable and credible.


This is a certification meant for companies dealing with confidential information. It’s also known as Cyber Security Maturity Model certification. With this certification at hand, you can improve or impose security measures in your company. You should also know that this certification is mandatory.

If your organization is listed in the Defense Industrial Base pool of contractors, you need to get certified for at least level 1 of this certification. It’s because the DOD deals with FUI, which should be protected from unauthorized access. And this certification gets the job done.

There are five levels of this certification Level1-Level5. Each level indicates the level of security measures you have implemented if you’re interested in getting certified for this standard, contact IQC, the ISO Pros of Colorado, now!

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IQC the ISO Pros of Colorado, are now in Bennett, ready to help your firm certify. We have assisted hundreds of firms in implementing and getting certified for various ISO standards. You’ll find some of the most professional consultants, trainers, auditors, and implementation experts at our company.

Also, our services are quite affordable. So, contact IQC the ISO Pros of Colorado, for reliable and affordable ISO consulting.

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